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Visitors to Insa-dong are recommended to stop at Ssamziegil, a unique structure resembling the Korean alphabet ‘ㅁ’ shape.

This shopping complex is dubbed a hidden gem as it offers interesting antiques at affordable prices within the modern exterior of a shopping mall.

An “oasis in the city,” Shinsegae Centum City is more than just a large shopping complex.

In addition to shopping, visitors can also enjoy numerous entertainment options in the complex, such as a spa, ice rink, theater, art gallery, golfing and more.

In April of the same year, the cemetery was completed and all the fallen soldiers buried in temporary graves across the nation were moved here for their remains to be enshrined and remembered.

Busan Museum tells the history of the Busan area from prehistoric times to the modern era through collections of local artifacts and documents.

Busan Station → Yeongdodaegyo Bridge → Huinnyeoul Culture Village → Sky Observatory → 75 Square → Taejongdae Recreation Area → National Maritime Museum → Busanhangdaegyo Bridge (bypass) → Oryukdo Island → Yonghoman Bay Sightseeing Boat Terminal → Peace Park → Songdo Beach → BIFF Square, Gukje Market → Jagalchi Market → Busan Station Busan Station → Yeongdodaegyo Bridge (Jagalchi Market) → Huinnyeoul Culture Village → Songdo Beach → Songdo Skywalk → Gamcheon Culture Village → Ami Culture Learning Center (Hanmaeum Happiness Center/Railroad House Cafeteria) → Nuribaragi Observatory → Gukje Market / Bupyeong (Kkangtong) Market → Yongdusan Park → Bosu-dong Book Street → Seokdang Museum (Provisional Capital Memorial Hall) → Dakbatgol Happiness (Hanji) Village (Stairs of Hope) → Gum Soo-hyun’s Music Salon → Sanri Village Hall → Democracy Park → Ebagu Crafts Workshop /168 Stairs Monorail (Chang Kee-ryo Memorial Hall) → Yu Chi-hwan Postbox Observatory / Kkokkomak Cafe The UN Memorial Cemetery in Korea is the only UN cemetery to pay tribute to soldiers who fell during the Korean War.