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The easiest and most common beat to start on is the 1 beat, which is why we teach starting on the 1 beat.Don’t worry about little variations from teacher to teacher. There are many people who insist there is only one way to do salsa ‘correctly’ and they argue fanatically over it.The Chase (using spot turning technique): from open position, leader pivots to his right on 1,2,3 (doing step, replace , together) and the follower follows by pivoting to her right on 5,6, 7.

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1% moves are those choreographed (not leadbable) moves that will only work with someone you’ve practiced extensively with.

Angled Basic (also called parallel breaks) the leader steps forward at an angle on 1 and 5, the follower steps backwards at an angle on 1 and 5.

To Exit: you both do the same 1, 2 ,3 as in a cuddle but you exit by leading an inside spin (she turns to her left) on 5, and 6,then steps together on 7, while leader follows her on 5,6,7 (think walk, walk , walk).

To lead spin the leader takes his left hand over her head (two fingers down), leading on beat 4, a counterclockwise circle over her head.

Being a nightclub street dance, rather than a formal dance (i.e..