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Rush rejects the rumors that Hicks intentionally impregnated young girls, put them up in his home, and then sold his own children for profit. Not only was she illegally adopted out of the Hicks Clinic, but her adoptive mother was murdered in 1998.

He rejects the claim that Hicks became incredibly wealthy because of his actions. Her husband at the time, Clarence Elkins, was falsely convicted of the slaying.

In addition to providing standard healthcare for members of this declining mining town, the clinic offered clandestine abortions and adoptive services to desperate girls and young women. “The person that bore me,” she says, her blue-green eyes shining, “how must they have felt? Stories of young girls dying from botched abortions in the early ’50s still exist in the living memories of those from the region.

This is the closest she has ever come to this phantom woman. The researchers made several matches, and the Babies met many long-lost cousins and siblings.

” Indeed they did, along with the adoptive parents of approximately 212 other children who have become known as the Hicks Babies, after Dr. Starting in 1955 and running through the early 1960s, Hicks offered secretive abortions and adoptions here.