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Childhood friend comes to see him years later and shocked at the change in his friend.Ch.1: 4910083610750 Released: September 19 2005 – Download Unavailable Publisher Taiyou Tosho Published in Hert Z #23 Contents: Six months ago a book store manager taught high-school student Minami a lesson about loitering and gave him a job.Since then Minami finds himself slowly falling in love with his strict and sometimes violent manager.

Ch.1: 4-5758-2938-2 Released: January 25 2007 Publisher Movic Published in B-Rash Vol.03 Contents: After ending a year long relationship, Osanai-sensei changed schools for a new start.

However, he’s “surrounded by underage teenage boys you can?

No longer satisfied with having a hidden lover, what will happen when when Matsu’ura demands that their relationship be revealed to the public?

Ch.1: 4910029730689 Released: November 15 2008 Publisher Ookura Shuppan Published in Aqua Zettai Ryouiki #6 Contents: 15 year old Kotarou still goes to his childhood pediatrician when he’s sick. Ch.1: 9784775508992 Released: June 6 2007 Publisher Ookura Shuppan Published in Hide and Seek Contents: In a village full of werewolves, everyone is always searching for someone to spend the full moon with because that’s when their sex drives are the strongest.

” weekly thread I used to post every week under the AV Club’s “Weekend Box Office” newswire (as an alternative to AV Club’s own “Tell Us About Your Pop Culture Weekend” discussion that posted Saturday night and tended to get buried in comments before those of us who actually sleep at night get around to it), I’m going to start doing these weekly discussions here at The Avocado. TELL US ABOUT YOUR NEW YEAR’S WEEKEND (or just your regular weekend if you don’t celebrate it)!