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There was nothing else except that intense feeling of bliss. Amber spent some time hidden in the showers checking out the men.

She had to stifle a giggle now and then, she felt so devious. " Amber nodded, her cheeks flushed with excitement.

"YES, YES, YES OHHHH YES, MORE I WANT MORE." she moaned. Due to the cold the humans where so tightly bundled up that she could hardly see anything, which aroused her interest.

Amber felt desire raging like a fire through her body. She wanted someone stunning, someone who lived easily accessible for her. She didn't know how to find men, or how to get them to do what she wanted. Her next stop where clubs, like the one she visited last year.

She arched her back fully in the throes of passion. Apparently humans went there to torture themselves on hellish contraptions.