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Now, for the first time, Master Matchmaker® Steve Ward and his mother, Jo Ann, share all of their frank, no-nonsense dating and relationship lessons in this handy guide to love. Right or want to keep him around now that you've snagged him, their innovative and brutally honest advice will help you break bad habits, take a fresh approach to dating, and transform your love life.

Maybe I've just read too many books in this genre (both scientific / anthropological based and fluffy), but this is a book that I could hardly sit through reading.

I watched an episode of her show last night and i was not impressed.

I have no doubt in her matchmaking ability in so far as fulfilling an order the man places but i tend to empower women more and encourage them to do what’s best for them to yearn them the most happiness in life and suggesting a man throw money at the person to give that is just one dimensional.

Either way, Tough Love Couples is an emotional, transformative ride every couple should experience...

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    My golden rule in dating is a warm, but unpopular invitation to — has dried out and gone stale in your life.

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    Onetto is a disconcerting figure, because once he starts talking, style and substance are in sharp contrast.

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    At first, between x = -7 and x = -8, the value of the function changes by more than 38 MILLION!