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I don't know why grownups always think kids don't know stuff! Oops, that was kind of mean…she said she needs him as a lawyer, not a friend. Awwwww, he's all bummed out 'cause he doesn't have a girlfriend. That tells me how weak the plot is, when they couldn't even come up with a plausible excuse. I would make a horrible best friend to any of these protagonistas because any time she thinks about getting back together with the dumbass, I'd be asking "Have you forgotten the time you know he's not going to do that again? I suppose Esme will have to find out on her own if Silenciso doesn't tell her."Juan Garaza" sounded like Tilico. One minute she's yelling at Pablo to go away, don't want you, don't need you, don't ever want to see your hang-dog (my word) face ever again. All she can do is sue him, and she's already proved she can take all his money, so what gives? I think Gisela knows she can't put Doofus Mc Dummy in jail for breach of contract, but she also knows La Maldita Gata is too ignorant to know that, so she's trying to bully and intimidate her into leaving town. "When attempted murder, attempted rape, freezing assets, and kidnapping don't work..threats of jail! She walks in and starts screeching and you hide the taser next to you and fire. She flops around on the floor like a fish out of water.

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"We love to mock here, don't mistake it for real hate." -- Chris Ferro "Come, let us gather together and suffer, sisters and brothers." -- Alice "This has got to be the sappiest, most mindless piece of crap that Televisa ever came up with!

I hope Esme's dad finally tells her the truth tonight.

I wonder if Garabato feels bad 'cause he's remembering all the nice things Esme always does for everyone.

I bet he could find a much nicer lady to go out with.

Esme went to go tell the cute doctor that she thinks Fernando is her dad. Gi, go to Paris and spare the rest of us your rants. it seems like a waste for somebody to give him their liver and then he dies anyway.4.